City of Perth - Point Fraser

Foreshore Erosion Control – Swan River

Construction of – Canoe Launching Ramp,  Four Limestone Armor Rock Headlands, New beach and 156 m of Planted Gabion Baskets
  • Constrained site due to the fact that pedestrian footpaths, cycleway, canoe launching, bike hire business were all in the vicinity of the access point and had to managed constantly with Traffic Controllers.
  • Construction of approximately 156m of gabion wall;
  • Sand re nourishment to beach and newly created groyne areas
  • Vegetation and planting of 156 the gabion baskets;
  • All other works as necessary to allow the construction and clean-up of the site
  • Maintenance of the sedge for a period of 12 months after practical completion.

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City of South Perth - South Perth Promenade

Swan River 300m  Riverwall Replacement – Rock Revetment

Construction of a new reconstituted limestone block riverwall and limestone rock revetment to replace an existing concrete riverwall on the South Perth Foreshore.
  • Preparation and implementation of appropriate management plans (Swan River Trust)
  • Due to the constraints of the site a careful approach was required Pedestrian, cyclist and traffic management
  • Mobilisation and site preparation as required with ASS bunds & refuelling bunds constructed
  • Clearing and excavation as required
  • Management of Dewatering & Environmental elements were paramount
  • Confirmation of foundations and geotechnical conditions.
  • Supply, delivery and placement of new reconstituted limestone blocks and materials, quarry products, reinforced concrete footing materials, drainage pipe, concrete path and all other materials necessary to complete the works.
  • Tie-in to existing structures.
  • Demobilisation and site clean-up, including any reinstatements as required.
  • Crushing all existing concrete wall & path reusing in rear of the new wall
  • Winner CCF Award

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City of Melville - Majestic Boardwalk

Repair and Remedial Works to Boardwalk – Retaining Wall and Erosion System

  • Removal and treatment of all the decking support steel members for the full extent of the boardwalk. The steel members (fabricated) off-site in factory conditions to minimise environmental risk and improve quality control. Re-assemble the treated steel decking support system onsite with additional steel support members and new steel to steel connections. Repair local sections of limestone retaining wall at location of redundant steel support point.
  • Removal of concrete surround on all steel piles and disposal of off-site. Cut down steel piles leaving a 0.8 metre length projecting from the foreshore allowing for connection to the new proposed works. Grinding, blast cleaning, and painting of the exposed steel pile, prior to concrete works.
  • Removal of erosion protection system (boulders, concrete, and concrete mattress) in the locality of piles and new columns taking care not to undermine of damage remaining protection system and limestone retaining wall. Provision of beach sand track on foreshore where required to aid access for machinery.
  • Construction of the new combined concrete footings for new column around existing trimmed pile and for new columns located adjacent to wall (or from pile to pile). Footings to be constructed below bedrock level (where rock is at foreshore level) to minimise visual impact or at a suitable depth
  • Below foreshore taking into account the historical erosion rate of the foreshore.
  • Construct new concrete columns from footings to underside of decking with
  • GFRP and holding down bolts.
  • Reinstate erosion protection system and boulders to match existing (including concrete works and shotcreting).
  • Repair works to the limestone retaining wall structure at the turning bay on the western end of Majestic Close.

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City of Bayswater - Tranby House & Bath Street

Foreshore Protection – Rock Revetment

  • Installation of Geo Fabric & Limestone Rock Material
  • Installation of concrete kerbing
  • Place, spread & level topsoil
This site had extremely challenging access, all materials were carried out from car park down to very step to the river edge for placement. Tree and River water protection was an ultimate protection in these works.

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Swan River Trust - Green Place Reserve

Green Place Reserve River Wall Replacement And Repair

  • Preparation of existing site to rear of proposed wall,
  • Stockpiling of existing material for re-use,
  • The co-ordination and instalment of a Mass Bloc wall along 50M of Green Place reserve,
  • Associated footing preparation, Limestone blocks
  • Repair of 22M of existing limestone wall
  • Backfill with existing materials stockpiled on-site

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City Melville - Melville Beach Road

Installation of Ecosol System & 300m Drainage Installation

  • Preparation of Site
  • Installation of Ecosol System
  • Installation of 300 meters of 300ID concrete pipe
  • Installation of Side entry pits
  • Installation of headwall
  • Site clean up

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City of Perth - Victoria Gardens

Repointing Limestone Blocks

  • Site Preparation
  • Surface Preparation & Cutting for Repointing or Refacing of Block work
  • Repointing of All Vertical & Horizontal Joints
  • Cut out and Reface Eroded Block Work
  • Cut Out, Supply and Lay New Replacement Block
  • Site Clean Up

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